Errata for A Monte Carlo Primer, A Practical Approach to Radiation Transport



The following items have been identified as errors in the Primer.  If you find an error please report it to the email address at the bottom of this page so we can add it to this list.



p. 54, Table 2.9.  The ‘DOUBLE PRECISION’ statement should include ‘fltrn


p. 69, Table 3.2.  Add the statement ‘DOUBLE PRECISION fltrnp


p. 96, Table 4.1.  The 6th line from the bottom should read

          StDev = SQRT((XCOL2-XCOL**2)/N; FSD=StDev/XCOL’

The values of ‘StDev’ and ‘FSD’ in Table 4.3 are changed as a result of this correction:

                    target mass =                            1

                    Standard deviation =                 0.00349

                    Fractional standard deviation = 2.6E-4


                    target mass =                            12

                    Standard deviation =                 0.00688

                    Fractional standard deviation = 7.1E-5



p. 251, Example 8.3.  The results shown in Table 8.29 are based on 20 iterations of eqns 8.11 and 8.12.


p. 277, eqn 9.14 should read



p. 278, Table 9.7.  The statement numbers in this routine should correspond to those of Table 5.8.


p. 282, eqn 9.22 should read



p. 291, the inequality in the 5th line from the top of the page should read ‘r >> rm


p. 310, Table 9.31.  The references to ‘ac = alpha’ are incorrect.  The variable ‘ac’ is equal to the quantity a defined on p. 304.


p. 311, Table 9.32.  The debug write statement three lines above statement 99 should read ‘WRITE(*,*)e,alpha,a,sigrat,x1,x2,x3,x4,x5,x7,rand,xmut’


p. 325, Table A.4.  The statement in line 3 should follow rather than precede the ‘IF’ tests of lines 4 and 5.


p. 335.  The index does not always point to the page on which the referenced item is located.  However, in almost all cases the correct page can be found on the cited page ±1.  (After all, this is a book on Monte Carlo.)


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